When you get injured in a car accident and another driver is to blame, their insurance company has to figure out how much they are going to offer you. They have their own way of calculating an accident settlement, but sometimes the number they arrive on just isn’t enough to truly compensate you for your injuries and suffering. That is when a car accident lawyer in Queens may be able to help.

What Factors Affect an Accident Settlement?

A car insurance company can look at a few different factors before they begin their calculations. Elements that usually make a difference include:

  • How severe your injuries are
  • Evidence of your pain and suffering that’s offered by medical professionals
  • How long and difficult your recovery will be
  • Whether or not this is a new injury or one aggravated by the accident
  • How much evidence there is that their insured driver caused the crash

Then most adjusters will use the “multiplier” method to try and figure out how much you could be awarded. They look at your medical expenses and then multiply that by a number between one and five to figure out how much could be offered for pain and suffering. How high this multiplier is can depend on the factors mentioned above. Then your lost wages can be added in.

Let’s say you have medical expenses totaling $10,000. Then your recovery looks tough, so the adjuster multiplies that by three. Then you add the $3,000 in lost income. That brings you to $43,000.

Should I Take the First Accident Settlement Offer?

This might not be what the insurance company offers you though. They want to get out of this for as little money as possible, so they might send you an accident settlement for $20,000 and hope that you take it. You need to seriously consider whether or not an insurer’s offer will adequately compensate you for what you have experienced.

Can I Sue for Compensation After a Settlement is Offered?

If the accident settlement offered by the insurance company is not enough, then you may have to sue for compensation. A lawyer from our firm can help you gather evidence, present a convincing case, and fight for the kind of car accident settlement that you deserve.

How Long Do I Have to Sue for Compensation?

Just remember that you do not have an unlimited amount of time to sue for personal injury. New York gives you three years to act, and if you wait longer than that your case is just going to be thrown out. So act quickly and schedule an appointment with our lawyers today.

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