The summer thus far has been quite a hot one, meaning that everyone is flocking to public and private swimming pools throughout the state of New York. It is important that the owners of these pools, regardless of whether they are open to the public or not, take precautions to ensure that the pool and premises are safe for people to be at. When a property owner is negligent and fails to keep the property free of any hazards, they can be held liable in the unfortunate event that someone becomes seriously injured as a result of the owner’s neglect.

Public and private property owners are required to abide by the laws that New York State has implemented regarding swimming pools. New York State requires that all pools that were installed or modified after December 14, 2006, must have a pool alarm that detects when an individual enters the pool surface. In addition, all residential pools are required to have a barrier, such as a fence, that completely surrounds the swimming pool in order to obstruct access to the pool. The fence must be at least 4 feet high. If you are the owner of a swimming pool in New York, it is important to check with state regulations to ensure your pool meets the safety code.

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