If you were involved in a bicycle accident, you may be suffering through an aftermath of physical, emotional, and financial burdens. Rest assured, if your accident was due to no fault of your own, you may be entitled to some sort of compensation. Continue reading to understand why bicycle accidents commonly occur on New York roads and how one of the experienced car accident lawyers in Queens of The Law Offices of George Poulos can help you out of this situation.

What commonly causes bicycle accidents in New York state?

While there are various causes for bicycle accidents, the most common one seen in New York state is motorist negligence. And with the sheer size and weight of the motor vehicle compared to the bicycle, the injuries and damages can be tremendous. Examples of how a motorist can put a cyclist in danger are as follows:

  • Reckless driving, such as excessive speeding, improper lane changes, etc.
  • Distracted driving, such as texting, navigating a GPS, etc.
  • Drugged driving.
  • Drowsy driving.
  • Driving on the shoulder or bicycle lane.
  • Failure to check blind spots.
  • Failure to check both ways before opening a door.

What should I do if I am involved in a bicycle accident?

If you were involved in a bicycle accident, you have a chance to hold the negligent motorist accountable via a personal injury claim. To prepare for your lawsuit, you must collect sufficient evidence to satisfy the burden of proof. This evidence should directly connect your injuries and damages to the negligence of the motorist. As such, you should take the following approach immediately after your accident:

  1. Alert the authorities: law enforcement will dispatch an ambulance to the scene and conduct an official police report. Ask for a copy of this report afterward.
  2. Capture the scene: take photos and videos of the scene, such as your injuries, damages, and any hazards that may have contributed.
  3. Collect contact information: ask for the motorist’s contact information, like their name, number, email address, insurance company, and insurance policy number. Ask the same for any witnesses, and ask if they can provide witness testimony afterward.
  4. Seek medical treatment: get treated at the scene and any necessary follow-up appointments, regardless of whether you feel immediate symptoms. Ask for copies of medical documentation and bills afterward.
  5. Hire an attorney: contact one of the skilled Queens personal injury attorneys today. Ask us to help in collecting surveillance camera footage, among other pieces of evidence.
  6. Meet the deadline: in New York state, the statute of limitations for a personal injury claim is typically three years from the date of your accident. Failure to meet this deadline leaves you at risk of being permanently barred from suing.

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