Car Accidents

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Representing New York clients after a car crash

Car accidents can end with devastating results. Depending on the size of the vehicles involved, the speed at which the vehicles were traveling and the point of impact, car crashes can cause terrible injuries. New York State has some of the most dangerous roads in America. Whether you are navigating city streets or rural roads, you could easily become involved in a serious accident. While in the best situations, the car will take the brunt of the accident, some accidents end with serious injuries, including bone fractures, spinal cord injury, concussion, and much more. Unfortunately, some injuries stay dormant for years before affecting your life and livelihood. If you were involved in a car crash, you need to contact an attorney that can effectively represent your interests and protect your future. The Law Offices of George Poulos has been a legal resource for the people of New York for over 25 years. If you need an attorney that has your best interests in mind, contact the firm for a consultation.

New York’s no-fault insurance explained

When we pay for car insurance, we pay for mandatory coverage called “no-fault” insurance. Also known as personal injury protection (PIP), no-fault insurance covers our medical bills and lost wages immediately after an accident. It helps ensure that victims of car crashes seek medical attention without the worry of amassing devastating medical bills or the impact of lost income. It is important to apply for these benefits within 30 days of the accident. When your injuries go beyond the scope of personal injury protection, you may need to consider your legal options.

Negligence explained

In New York, you must prove the negligence of another driver when pursuing damages for personal injuries. Some examples of negligence include unlawful maneuvers, reckless speeding, driving while under the influence of a substance, the use of electronic devices and even fatigue. The burden of proof is on the plaintiff. Without the proper evidence, you will not be able to recover damages.

Recovering damages

If you have been seriously injured because of an accident, you must prove negligence and evidence of a serious injury. The serious injury threshold is difficult to meet. If successful, you may be able to collect economic damages, including lost income and medical bills. You may also be entitled to non-economic damages as well. These are more complicated to recover. If you can establish “pain and suffering” caused by the accident, you could recover damages based on the effects of the accident on your quality of life.

Contact a Queens car accident lawyer

The Law Offices of George Poulos is honored to serve New York with effective legal services. Our firm understands how devastating a car accident can be on the present and the future. We have over 25 years of accumulated skill of fighting for our clients. We will tirelessly work to help you acquire maximum compensation. If you need quality legal support after a car crash, contact The Law Offices of George Poulos for a consultation to discuss your legal matter.