Occupational Diseases

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Representing Workers Suffering From Occupational Diseases

Workers’ compensation is not limited to accidents and the injuries that are the results of said accidents. If you become ill because of your job, you may be entitled to benefits like any injured employee.

The main difference between being injured and becoming ill is that is that a person can become disabled with no lost time from work. An illness can slowly impact your life and there is no set date where you became “ill” but there is a date of disablement, determined by the Law Judge ordinarily.  That date can be when you first began treating with a physician, your first day you couldn’t work, and can determine the timeliness of your filing.

It is important to understand your rights under workers’ compensation laws. The Law Offices of George Poulos has over 25 years of experience helping people who become ill because of their jobs – conditions that are ‘incident to employment’.

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Occupational diseases and illnesses

An occupational disease can cover a wide range of ailments, including hearing loss, cancer, asbestosis, lead poisoning and more. Filing a claim for workers’ compensation because of an occupational disease is a bit different than injury claims. The time limit for filing a claim is the later of two dates:

  • Two years from the disability first being diagnosed or existing, or
  • Two years from the date the worker found out or should have reasonably known the disease was work-related

As stated above, a disability can be caused by an occupational disease without losing time at work. A Workers’ Compensation Law Judge will determine the date of disablement when assessing the employee’s rights to benefits.  You may need to call us to defend you from the insurance company disputing whether your condition is causally related to your work and whether you have timely filed.

Occupational hearing loss

If you are subject to the loss of hearing because of your occupation, you may be entitled to disability benefits. It is important to understand that special time limits apply to you. You may file a claim 3 months after the date you were removed from the harmful noise or 3 months after leaving the employment that exposed you to the harmful noise. That 3-month mark is the date the courts often consider the date the disability began.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome / Cubital Tunnel Syndrome:

Carpal Tunnel claims arise from repetitive stress on the wrists – and similarly, other nerve conditions like Cubital Tunnel Syndrome may cause New York workers to have nerve induced issues.  Whether you are conducting a subway train, typing at a desk, or performing repetitive tasks of light, medium or heavy-duty nature, the numbness, tingling and discomfort of Carpal Tunnel is something you may need a lawyer to assist you with obtaining benefits for.  Companies oftentimes try to dispute ‘causal relationship’ or in other words, argue that your claim should be denied due to the absence of evidence of it being ‘caused by’ your job.

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Though most people consider workers’ compensation laws when they are injured in an accident, it also applies to those who suffer disease and illness as well; the unique features of your job, the timeline of disability, the existence of pre-existing conditions are all considerations in occupation disease claims.  To prepare your best application for benefits, it is important to have legal representation when filing your claim because of the various factors and time constraints that can impact one’s entitlement to benefits. If you need effective and compassionate legal services from an experienced attorney, please contact The Law Offices of George Poulos for a consultation.