Mr Poulos is the best and finest gentlemen. He is a fantastic lawyer. He did a great job for me and I referred all my relatives to him. He also helped me out in an emergency Very recently helped with some paperwork late at night and sent my papers in even though I did not have any money to pay him because I was unemployed and elderly during the Covid crisis.
– Lek S.

He has been my lawyer for 17 years and he has been great. He was always by my side and got me money for 17 years. And then after a long struggle, we got a great settlement. He helped me throughout my case and gave me great advice on other matters like Medicaid and Medicare. His office is great. I highly recommend them.
– Maxi L.

Mr. Poulos firm did a great job on my workers’ compensation claim and my personal injury MVA. I am very happy.
– Jose G.

Mr. Poulos did a great job and got me a great settlement and I returned to work. The settlement was twice as large as I expected. He is friendly and personable, and his staff is great. I had a new injury and ran back to his office for him to represent me in the new case.
– Angela S.

Hi I had a problem with my prior attorney hardly any calls back and stated my case was not important, and I switched to Mr. POULOS, he got my claim amended to include various other consequential injuries, he made the insurance doctors look foolish in cross-examinations and won my case for hundreds of thousands of dollars over 8. 5 years. His office is great he went the extra yard to care and win. He did a great job.
– Michael H.

Mr Poulos reopened an old case. I did not get paid for years and I was still disabled, he got me years of retroactive benefits, took depositions from doctors got me classified me permanently-partially disabled, and then negotiated a very nice top-quality settlement. I found him through google and it worked he was the best, the large firm I started with did nothing for me for two years. Be careful with the big law firms, no personal attention. Mr. Poulos sent me to proper. Doctors.
– Norberto S.

Very thankful to Mr. Poulos for all the hard work he did for me. He got me a great classification and a great settlement keeping my medical open. Thank you very much!
– Nelson C.

I worked for the largest Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company in New York for 20 years as a Claims Adjuster. I got to review the quality of work of hundreds of claimant’s attorneys throughout the State. When it came time to select an attorney to represent me in my personal case, I chose George Poulos, Esq. to represent me because I thought he was the best for me. I refer all my friends and other Clams Adjusters to him. He is very independent. The Insurance Company fought my case especially hard because I was a former Adjuster, they alleged a lot of problems and wanted to severely reduce my benefits. Mr Poulos helped me get surgeries and the total rate after taking depositions. He got me an especially good settlement after six years of hard fighting. God bless.
– Sheila Bracey

Mr. Poulos handled my cases for 6 Years. In one case, he got me a very large settlement. He sent me to a good workers’ comp doctor and was great. On a second case I obtained another long-term award and able to work and still get compensation. honestly, I got more than I ever expected. He is great.
-Kirk Mrwik

Mr. poulos represented me 15 years ago and got a great settlement, And the insurance company tried to make me pay them back when I reinsured the same knee. He helped get an award and extra money and great settlement instead of paying them back. I had another case with another knee and I am using him again. I do recommend him to all my friends.
-Ash Selim

Great job from Mr. Poulos law office fighting until the last minute. Very comprehensive, would answer all the questions and would go along issues that comes along. Good job. Fights for the big buck $$$. Hire Mr. Poulos and get the job done.
-Mahdi Ben

Mr. Poulos helped me immensely. He fought to increase my average weekly wage and increase my benefits. He represented me many years and he explained the process and got me paid for several years and permanent disability for 8 years at the 80 percent rate. He was great!
-Zoia Giurescu

Mr. Poulos did a good job, he was very patient with me. I am nervous type and kept asking a lot questions. He got me good reports and got me paid when I was out work and needed money. My adjuster gave me a hard time and I had a hard time getting paid, until Mr. Poulos got on the job. He helped me get several surgeries authorized. If you are really injured, I would recommend Mr. Poulos’ firm to my friends and family.
-Jose W. Sanchez

I have been Mr. Poulos client for 20 years, my case had its ups and downs, he stayed with me for 20 years, and I stayed with him for 20 years, the insurance company did everything it could to stop my payments, he kept them going for 20 years and I finally got a mutually beneficial settlement. He was great and patient with me.
-Emanuel Samios

I used Mr. Poulos for my workers’ compensation and my social security disability claims. He fought for years and got me neck, right arm, elbow, surgeries and did depositions and got me classified permanently disabled, and them got me a settlement in my case, and a second settlement to close my medical portion case. He did great and won my social security case after I initially lost my case. He is great, if injured you must use him.
-Cathy Rivellini

Very satisfied with representation given and highly recommend attorney George Poulos, Esq. in my workers’ compensation case. I got benefits and the insurance company wanted to cut me off with SLU, and we were able to get ppd report and get a great final settlement.
-Rupert Persaud

I was very injured and George quickly helped me not only win my case but get me a wonderful settlement with a lump sum of cash after I returned to work.
-Lito Doliente

This attorney is calinte, he had my 3 cases, got me permanent award and 2 schedule awards. He really studies up and is prepared for his cases and explains and he has a strategy, His office staff is very nice.
-Pablo Vasquez