It’s no surprise that trucking accidents can cause serious injuries. This is why it is important to figure out the cause of an accident and who needs to be held accountable for their negligence. A car accident lawyer in Queens can help you build a case and fight for the compensation that you deserve.

What Causes Many Trucking Accidents?

Bad driving behaviors and irresponsible company practices often cause trucking accidents. Common causes of crashes include:

  • A distracted driver
  • A drowsy driver who ignored rules about rest breaks
  • Aggressive or reckless driving
  • A trucking company that did not properly train its employees
  • Poorly maintained trucks
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • A trucking company that does not vet employees precisely

What Are Common Injuries in Trucking Accidents?

Because of how heavy and large these vehicles are, trucking accidents tend to cause serious injuries when they involve smaller passenger vehicles. Victims can end up with broken bones and concussions. They might even end up disabled due to spinal cord injuries. This is why the trucking industry is held to such high safety standards and why people need to be held accountable when they do not live up to said standards.

What Parties Can Be Held Liable After an Accident?

Cases involving trucking accidents can get complicated quickly because there are often multiple parties that should be blamed. Potential defendants include:

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company
  • The owner of the cargo
  • The manufacturer of a truck component that fails
  • Safety inspectors of the truck
  • Another driver who contributes to the accident somehow

A lawyer from our firm will take a close look at the unique circumstances of your case and help you hold all negligent parties responsible.

Will I Have to Go to Trial?

Some accident victims just take the settlement from the insurance company because they think that suing is going to be a major pain. You don’t want to waste a bunch of time and go to trial for just a few bucks, right?

Here’s what you need to know before settling though. That first settlement offer may not be enough to compensate you for what you have gone through. A lawyer from our firm can help you fight for a fair offer that reimburses you for medical expenses and other economic costs of the accident while making up for the psychological trauma that you have experienced.

You should also know that you are unlikely to go to trial. Your lawyer will do their best to negotiate a settlement before that point. However, if you do go to trial, you can rest assured that your attorney has your back and that they have built a case that can succeed in court.

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