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If you are injured on the job and face a dispute with your job’s workers’ compensation insurance provider, you may need to take action. It is important to have legal representation throughout the claims process to protect your rights and prepare for the possibility of a hearing and appeals. Disputes can arise quite easily. If you need to take legal action against an insurance company who has denied your benefits or improperly reduced their obligation to cash benefits, contact an attorney. The Law Offices of Attorney George Poulos has over 25 years of success regarding Workers’ Compensation Board hearings and appeals. If you need effective legal representation, contact our firm to schedule an initial consultation.

Workers’ compensation board hearings

If your insurance company denies your claim or downplays your injury to limit benefits, it is important to consider your legal options. Our firm understands what it takes to successfully prove your case. If disputes arise, the Board may hold a hearing before a judge. The workers’ compensation law judge can review medical records, take testimony, and examine other evidence that might relate to the case. They will assess the claimant’s entitlement to benefits. If successful, the judge will determine the award for the claimant.


Both parties have the right to appeal the court’s decision within 30 days. If the application is granted, a panel of three Board Members will review the facts of the hearing. They have the authority to uphold, repeal or adjust the judge’s court decision. If the panel does not agree, either party may request intervention from the full board.

The insurer’s obligation during the appellate process

If an insurance company appeals a judge’s decision and it goes to a panel, they do not have to provide benefits for contested portions of the decision during the dispute. Any uncontested portions of the decision must be awarded. If an insurance company appeals a panel’s decision, they are obligated to support the claimant through the next phase of appeal.

Section 32 waiver agreement

Every so often, an insurance company and an injured worker can come to an agreement outside of court. This agreement will settle an injury case with a lump-sum settlement. It is important to note that this settlement is not binding without the final approval of the Workers’ Compensation Board.

Contact an experienced Queens workers’ compensation lawyer

If your injury or benefits are in dispute, you may be faced with a hearing in front of a Workers’ Compensation Law Judge. It is important to have legal representation when facing such serious matters. Your future depends on the outcome. If you need legal support, contact The Law Offices of George Poulos. Our firm has over 25 years of experience fighting for the rights of the insured. We have successfully handled countless hearings and appeals on behalf of our clients. Contact The Law Offices of George Poulos for a consultation to discuss your legal matter.