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Workers’ Compensation Benefits types: Indemnity and Medical

A covered employee has the right to compensation through several benefits. If you need a firm that will fight for you, feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Indemnity benefits

If you are injured and cannot return to work for a period longer than a week, you may be provided cash benefits. You may not get paid for the first 7 days of a disability unless you are not able to work for over 14 days. If the injury keeps you out of work past 2 weeks, you should receive benefits from the first missed workday. The amount offered depends greatly on your average weekly wage for the previous year. To calculate weekly cash benefits, multiply 2/3 X your pre-tax weekly wage from the previous year X the percentage of disability, subject to a statutory maximum set based on the year of your accident; see why a lawyer can help?

Medical benefits

Under workers’ compensation, you may be entitled to the necessary medical care. This includes the right that, if you have a valid claim, you do not have to pay for medical treatment for your claim and you can get treated by an authorized provider [a list is available by the New York Workers’ Compensation Board]. In most cases, you can pick your own doctor from the authorized list.

Unless you received a notice indicating otherwise at the outset of your claim, you may choose a physician or a place to provide diagnostic tests, x-ray exams, MRIs or any other radiological examinations that apply. If you received notice, call us. Don’t take your chances following the direction of the insurance company. This may mean that you get the care you need in the network of their choosing with doctors they trained to cut you off and save them money.

Death benefits

Death benefits may be awarded to the family and, if lacking, individuals legally considered dependents through weekly cash payments, amounting to 2/3 of the worker’s average weekly wage for the year before the accident. The compensation will not exceed the weekly maximum allowed by law. If there is no one to pass it to, the surviving parent or estate of the deceased may be entitled to a payment of $50,000. Funeral expenses may be paid up to a certain amount as well, depending on the county.

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