Pedestrians can be involved in an accident where they are struck by a motor vehicle. This can cause them to file a lawsuit against the driver of the vehicle. They may even file a lawsuit against a municipality that did not do their part in preventing accidents by monitoring road conditions. Pedestrians need to be aware of the flow of traffic as drivers need to be aware of their surroundings, including cars and pedestrians. Some drivers may not be as aware of pedestrians walking near the road, causing them to have them blocked from their sight and more likely to have an accident occur. Accidents can happen due to a variety of reasons. Human error where a driver is distracted when operating their vehicles can be a main cause of these accidents. Drivers may even be driving carelessly while they are behind the wheel by speeding or breaking traffic laws.Road conditions can lead the driver into dangerous conditions that can cause an accident to occur as well. If the roads are not taken care of properly, they can cause drivers to swerve and lose control of their vehicles. For these cases, an injured pedestrian may wish to involve a municipality for their failure to take care of the roads and provide a safe environment for drivers and pedestrians.

How do I continue with a case?

When the driver is held responsible for the accident, you can receive compensation in the form of damages. First, it must be prove that the driver was acting negligently to prove that they are responsible for the accident that occurred. By proving negligence on behalf of the driver, it can  fulfill the burden of proof for the case. This can cause them to be accountable for the accident and you may be entitled to damages. Damages can provide money for medical bills and lost wages, along with lost future wages. You may also receive a monetary value for your pain and suffering regarding the emotional trauma that you suffer from as a result of the accident. These damages can greatly benefit you after your accident has occurred since they can provide compensation to help with your injuries and services that you may need.

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