Auto accidents can happen at any time, but they are especially common during holiday weekends. That is true for Thanksgiving weekend as well, so you need to stay careful if you plan to travel over this long weekend. If you do get injured in an accident, you might want to sue for damages. A car accident lawyer in Queens may be able to help you.

Is Thanksgiving Weekend a Dangerous Time to Drive?

It can be. Hundreds of traffic fatalities are counted every Thanksgiving weekend. This can be attributed to a number of factors, including the fact that there are more drivers on the road than usual. Another issue is that many of those drivers are driving significant distances, which means that they can get sleepy behind the wheel.

Alcohol is another contributing factor. It’s a holiday and many people are going to drink. Some think that they are fine to get behind the wheel and drive home, but they are not. Even drinking just a little bit can make you a threat to yourself and anyone else on the road.

How Can I Try to Avoid an Accident on Thanksgiving Weekend?

If you want to stay safe on Thanksgiving weekend, you can take a few extra steps to protect yourself. We recommend:

  • Planning your route
  • Making sure that your car is in good condition for the journey
  • Leaving early so that you do not need to rush
  • Getting enough sleep the night before the drive
  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Keeping your cool in traffic

Should I Sue for Damages After a Car Accident?

Sometimes you can do everything in your power to stay safe, and you still end up getting hurt. If someone else’s negligence ends up causing a car accident and you or your loved ones get injured, you may consider suing for compensation. If you end up looking at a stack of medical bills and you have to miss work in order to recover from your injuries, pursuing compensation can be a worthwhile endeavor. Our lawyers can tell you more about the potential value of your case.

Do I Need to Hire an Attorney?

Hiring an attorney is optional, but you should know how much an experienced personal injury attorney can do for you before you decide to go it alone. A lawyer can:

  • Help you file your case before the statute of limitations expires
  • Gather the evidence needed to make your case
  • Talk to witnesses
  • Calculate fair compensation
  • Prepare you for testimony or depositions
  • Protect you from accusations of fault or wrongdoing

Your attorney is there to advocate for you at every stage of this process.

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