When people buy a pressure cooker, they expect to have a nice and efficiently made meal at home. What they do not typically expect is to be injured in an accident because the device is defective. If a pressure cooker is defective, it can malfunction and cause serious injuries to the people who use them. This has caused an uptick in the amount of product liability lawsuits being filed against the companies who produce these items. This can include Instant Pot, NuWave, Mirro, Cuisinart, Phillipe Richards, and more. People who are injured due to a defective pressure cooker should contact a skilled New York personal injury attorney for assistance.

How Can a Pressure Cooker Accident Happen?

There are many different parts to a pressure cooker that must work properly in order for the device to do what it is supposed to do. This includes a safety valve that allows steam to be released from the device so that it can open safely. If the valve is defective, it can cause an explosion of hot foods and liquids to happen. Other possible defective parts that can do this can include the lid, seal, gasket, or lock. These accidents can cause injuries such as severe burns, disfigurement, blindness, and more. Damage to the house can also happen, which is why there have been many past pressure cooker recalls due to fire hazards.

How Do I Sue for a Defective Product?

When a person is injured by a defective pressure cooker, they can file a claim to sue the company that made it. The claim can be due to design defects. In order to prove this, the injured party must show that a safer and economically efficient design exists and could have been used instead. While this can seem daunting to do, an experienced attorney can assist in collecting the necessary evidence to do so.  

Individuals facing these situations should remember the statute of limitations. This places a deadline on how long they have to file a claim. If they fail to do so by the deadline, the injured party can lose their right to pursue legal action and recover compensation. In New York, the statute of limitations for personal injury accidents is three years from the date of the injury.

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