If you make any kind of claim after you get into a car accident, you are going to want to gather as much evidence as you can so that you can build a case. If your car crash occurred near an intersection camera, you would certainly want to see if it caught any relevant footage. Our car accident lawyer in Queens may be able to help you secure that footage and show how another driver was at fault.

How Do I Get the Recording From an Intersection Camera?

In most cases, you can secure footage from an intersection camera by contacting the Department of Transportation. You just need to tell them what camera may have caught footage of your accident. Having a lawyer can make this process easier. Our attorneys are used to dealing with processes like these and cutting through bureaucracy to get evidence that can help our clients.

We do have to make accident victims aware of something though. The footage from an intersection camera may not be the silver bullet you are looking for. Depending on where the accident happened and how the other driver involved messed up, the camera may not even have caught footage of the accident.

What Evidence Aside From Intersection Camera Footage Can Be Used in Accident Claims?

This is why your lawyer will be happy to help you gather any other evidence that can help you make your case. Useful evidence can include:

Police report: When cops are called to an accident scene, they write down anything that they notice about the road conditions and how the accident may have occurred. A report rarely outright blames one driver, but it will note things like debris that were present on the road or skid marks that show someone stopping short.

Photos: Pictures of the accident scene and the damage to the vehicles can also be useful when you make an accident claim.

Witness accounts: If other people witness the accident, their testimony could help support your claim.

Expert testimony: Sometimes, if given enough information, an accident recreation specialist can show how an accident may have unfolded and support your claim.

How Long Do New Yorkers Have to Make an Accident Claim?

The statute of limitations gives accident victims limited time to sue for damages. In the state of New York, that time limit is three years. If you try to sue after this point, your case is likely to be dismissed no matter how much evidence you have.

Of course, if you plan to use intersection camera recordings as evidence, you’ll want to act sooner than that. You need to get the legal process started quickly and seek out that footage as soon as possible so that it does not get erased or overwritten.

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