There are often many contributing factors to auto accidents, so it is entirely possible that poor lighting at an intersection or on another part of a city street will help cause a collision and injuries. You can do your best to drive safely in areas where lighting is inadequate, but accidents can still happen despite your best efforts. If you suffer injuries in an accident, a car accident lawyer in Queens can help you hold any negligent parties accountable.

How Can Bad Street Lighting Result in More Auto Accidents?

Bad lighting can easily contribute to auto accidents, including collisions between vehicles and accidents involving pedestrians or cyclists. Inadequate lighting on a street can mean that:

  • Crosswalks are not lit up and pedestrians are harder to see
  • The road leading toward intersections and turns does not have enough lighting, making it harder for drivers to see ahead
  • It is more difficult to spot approaching vehicles at an intersection

Whether the visibility issues are caused by poor streetlight placement, burned-out bulbs, or broken lights, darker roads and intersections can be more dangerous for everyone.

Can I Sue the City if Poor Street Lighting Caused My Accident?

Sometimes it can be possible to sue a city or municipality after an accident. The specifics of your accident and how it occurred would affect whether filing a claim against the government is worthwhile. A personal injury attorney from our firm can look into it and tell you whether or not the local government could potentially be held liable for the poor street lighting.

One important thing to note is that you do not have much time if you want to make a municipal or government target a defendant in your case. The state of New York usually gives you three years to pursue legal action in a case like this, but you have just 90 days to file a claim if you believe that the government has somehow contributed to your injuries in an accident. This is why acting quickly to begin the legal process is always in your best interest.

How Can an Auto Accident Attorney Help Me?

It can be difficult to prove someone else’s negligence on your own. An experienced auto accident attorney can help you build a case and hold any liable parties accountable for the harm that they have caused you. Your lawyer can:

  • Gather evidence
  • Handle communications with insurance companies
  • Field settlement offers and calculate fair compensation
  • Answer any questions that you have about the legal process

Whether you were a pedestrian injured in a dark crosswalk or a motorist who was injured in a crash at a poorly lit intersection, we are ready to assist you.

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