The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak across the world has resulted in very uncertain times for everyone. This can be seen in personal and professional life. On March 20, Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered non-essential businesses to keep 100% of their workers at home in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. However, this leaves essential stores such as certain health care facilities, transportation infrastructure, places of accommodation, grocery stores, and more. While there are still many people hard at work, the question arises: if you get the Coronavirus at your place of employment, are you eligible for workers’ compensation? To learn more, continue reading about key facts regarding workers’ compensation and the Coronavirus.

Workers’ Compensation Eligibility

In order for a person to be eligible for workers’ compensation, they must contract the illness while they are acting within the scope of their employment. This does not necessarily mean they need to be performing their specific job duties, but it is important to know that certain situations are not covered. For example, if the employee went to the store on their lunch break, they will not be covered. On the other, if they catch an illness in the bathroom or hallway of their office, they may be eligible. Eligibility may also be in the event of the following situations:

  • Traveling for work
  • Making a client visit
  • Attending a work conference or work-related function/event
  • Going to the store for work-related purposes

What Employees are Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?

The types of employees who can receive workers’ compensation can vary depending on the state. In New York, almost all occupations are covered. Employers within the state are required to have workers’ compensation coverage for the following:

  • Workers for non-profit companies, including volunteer and family members, part-time, borrowed, and leased employees
  • Employees who work for counties and municipalities under hazardous conditions
  • Employees of the state
  • Full-time domestic employees, including sitters, companions, and live-in maids
  • Farmworkers for employers who are paid more than $1200 in labor for the previous calendar year
  • Corporate officers with more than two officers or stockholders
  • Public school teachers
  • Most workers for non-profit organizations

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