If you are injured at work or suffer from an occupational disease, there are many benefits available to you. One of the unique services provided by the Workers’ Compensation Board is through social services. Social workers provide services to help a claimant through the stressful process of recovery. Being injured can impact a person’s ability to make a living as well as satisfy their everyday duties to the family. When things are overwhelming, socials workers are there to help.

A social worker is there for guidance and help. They will guide the claimant and family members through the changes and help everyone accept their changed roles brought on by the injury. Furthermore, they will assess problems and try to find a solution. Sometimes this means talking with the insurance company to discuss needed benefits. They can also negotiate with landlords, utility companies, and creditors. They can help the claimant set up child care. They can advocate for the claimant who needs the assistance of community agencies, including public assistance, emergency shelter, food stamps, soup kitchens, and food pantries, to just name a few. In addition, they can even help a claimant develop a realistic budget to handle their reduced income.

When cases involve claimants that cannot fully understand the situation because of a language barrier or other difficulty, the social worker is available to try to best help them comprehend. When obstacles stop a claimant from returning to work, a social worker will cooperate with the Bureau’s rehabilitation counselors to assess the matter and try and overcome or adjust the barriers stopping the progress.

As you can tell, social workers can play a large role in your recovery. It is important that you have representation through the workers’ compensation process. If you need a social worker’s assistance, our firm can help you get the services you need. For a consultation with an effective worker’s compensation attorney, contact The Law Offices of George Poulos for an initial consultation.

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