If you’ve recently got involed in a car accident caused by another driver, you might not know what to expect. New York is a no-fault state, so your own auto insurance will be liable for covering your damages no matter who caused the collision. However, some victims might be eligible to file a personal injury claim against at-fault driver if they were behaving unsafely. You might be worried about the most common mistakes people make when filing an accident claim. No need to panic because our highly experienced law firm is on your side! Continue reading and learn how you can receive individualized legal counseling from a Car Accident Lawyer in Queens today.


The most commonly made mistake is the failure to collect proper evidence after a car accident. If you’re planning on filing a claim against the at-fault driver, you’ll need sufficient evidence to prove they were aciting negligently. In the legal world, negligence is when someone fails their civic duty to minimize harm to others and subsequently causes a preventable accident. A drunk driver who crashes into another vehicle could be considered a negligent driver in the courtroom.

One big mistake is leaving the scene of the car accident too early. Police officers will arrive after a crash to file an official police report, and they’ll determine who was at fault for the incident. This police report can be a vital piece of evidence in your personal injury case, so stay at the accident site to speak with law enforcement. Other than a copy pf the police report, you’ll also want to obtain witness statements and hospital records indicating the extent of your injuries.


Yes, you should definitely avoid social media after filing your car accident claim. The at-fault driver’s legal team and insurance company will look for any evidence that you might be faking or exaggerating your injuries, and your social media accounts might be the first place they look. Never post about the accident online. It’s best to avoid all your social media accounts altogether until your personal injury case is settled in court.

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