If you have been injured due to the negligence of another party, you likely deserve compensation. If you wish to pursue legal action, you will need to retain the help of a skilled personal injury attorney. While you can present your medical bills and documents to prove the financial burdens caused by your injury, it is not as easy to quantify the pain and suffering your injury has caused. You deserve compensation for these things as well. One way to help your attorney better understand your case and the impacts of your injury, is to create a pain, symptom, and treatment diary. Read on to learn more about pain, symptom, and treatment diaries and how they can help you and your attorney.

A pain, symptom, and treatment diary can take many forms. You may choose to use a traditional, hand-written diary, a typed document, a detailed calendar, a spreadsheet, or even a voice recording. You should use whatever method works best when it comes to organizing your thoughts. In your diary, you will record the symptoms you experience as a result of your injury. For example, you will want to locate and describe your pain. Additionally, you may want to rate it on a scale of 1-10. It is important to be honest when it comes to describing your symptoms. If you exaggerate or embellish the results of your injury, you run the risk of losing credibility. Instead, you should describe how the symptoms impact your everyday life. For example, were you unable to play with your children because you were in too much pain? Has your injury stopped you from going out and doing the things you love? Are you sleeping poorly? Can you still take care of household chores? These are things to write down when it comes to your pain, symptom, and injury diary. The journal will be of help to you because it will allow you to express your emotions and keep track of important things like doctor’s appointments and meetings with your attorney. It provides a detailed and written account of the aftermath of your injury, which can be useful when it comes to a trial. It is also useful for your attorney. This diary can help your attorney better understand the impacts of your injury, helping him or her quantify the other burdens you are experiencing when it comes to receiving compensation.

If you or a loved one has been injured, reach out to a personal injury attorney to discuss your case.

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