Halloween is probably the only time when children will enter multiple properties on the same night. So, regardless of whether you are a parent who is taking your child trick-or-treating or you are a homeowner who will be greeting the trick-or-treaters, you must follow the proper safety to prevent any slip and fall accident from occurring. Continue reading to learn what tips you should abide by this Halloween and how one of the experienced Queens slip & fall attorneys at the Law Offices of George Poulos can offer you legal services.

As a homeowner, what safety tips should I follow this Halloween?

As a homeowner, you are always responsible for the conditions of your property, including your front yard, walkway, and steps. This means that you should regularly inspect and maintain your property to protect passersby, especially if these passersby are children on Halloween. Nonetheless, you should follow the below safety tips this Halloween:

  • Make sure your property has adequate lighting:
    • Replace burned-out bulbs in your exterior lights.
    • Add additional exterior lights to particularly dim areas.
  • Make sure to signal if you are not home:
    • Turn off all exterior and interior lights to discourage trick-or-treaters from approaching.
  • Make sure your property is clear of any clutter:
    • Have your Halloween decorations securely placed or otherwise a safe distance away.
  • Make sure your jack-o-lanterns are a safe distance away:
    • Use a battery-powered source or light sticks instead of candles.
  • Make sure your pets remain inside your home:
    • Place your pets in a kennel so they do not run into traffic or bite a trick-or-treater.

As a parent, what safety tips should I follow this Halloween?

You will likely be monitoring your child at all times when they are trick-or-treating on Halloween. However, it is an unfortunate truth that a slip and fall accident may still occur.

And if an accident does occur, then you must take the proper action to seek justice. This can be done via a personal injury claim. For your claim, you must satisfy the burden of proof so that you can directly tie your child’s injuries to the negligence of a homeowner. Such proof that will help you accomplish this includes the following:

  • Police report.
  • Photos and videos of your child’s injuries, damages, and any hazards that may have contributed to the accident.
  • Contact information of the at-fault homeowner.
  • Contact information of any present witnesses.
  • Medical bills.
  • Medical documents that note the date, time, and severity of your child’s injuries.

For assistance with gathering this proof, look no further than one of the skilled Queens personal injury attorneys. We will even help you obtain additional proof, such as surveillance camera footage. Pick up the phone and give us a call today.