Pursuing a personal injury case on your own can be tough. Not only is it difficult to prove the negligence of someone else, but you also may not have as many resources at your disposal as the other side does. That is why you should hire our Queens personal injury attorneys. We will use all of our resources to help you win your case, and that includes calling in outside experts who can testify on your behalf.

How Can Outside Experts Help Me?

An expert can provide testimony about certain aspects of your accident and strengthen your case in a unique way. Your word certainly means something in a personal injury suit, but having someone who has a background and expertise in a particular field can serve to enhance your arguments.

Our law firm can connect you with a number of outside experts, but not every expert is a good fit for every case. We can look at the unique circumstances of your personal injury suit and determine which kind of testimony can best aid you in your fight for compensation.

What Kinds of Experts Are Used in Personal Injury Cases?

There are a few types of outside experts that frequently testify in personal injury cases. Experts that might be able to help you include:

Accident reconstruction experts: These people can actually look at an accident scene and take us backward to show us what actually happened. If you are in a car accident and argue that someone else was to blame for the collision, this expert can back up your assertions.

Vocational rehabilitation therapists: If your injuries will affect your ability to work, a vocational rehab expert can help you show exactly how. Will you need to stop working completely or cut back your hours? Do you need to find a job in a different field entirely due to your injuries? A witness in this field can help you paint a clearer picture of how the accident will continue to affect you and your ability to provide for yourself and others.

Manufacturing and engineering workers: Sometimes a personal injury is caused by a defective part or product. An expert witness with a background in manufacturing or engineering can testify about what went wrong and how faulty work may have contributed to an accident.

Mental health professionals: Someone working in the mental health field can evaluate you and your loved ones and speak to your condition after an accident. If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, or any other trauma, one of these experts can speak on it with authority.

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