Most people know that they are supposed to call the police after an accident. For most types of car accidents contacting the police is actually a legal requirement, but that is not the only reason to call them. The police can do a lot to help in the aftermath of a collision. What they do on the scene can also benefit you if you later decide to pursue a personal injury case with the help of a car accident lawyer in Queens.

What Can the Police Do at an Accident Scene?

When the police come to the accident scene, they can do some initial investigation of the accident and talk to everyone involved. They can also:

Administer medical care: Cops are often able to provide at least some medical care. If someone has minor injuries, they can assist them or at least keep them comfortable until an ambulance arrives. They can also document these injuries in their report, which we will get to in a bit.

Make way for the ambulance: If anyone is more seriously injured, cops can call in an ambulance that can help. They can also make it safe for the ambulance to pull in and keep the road safe for other motorists. We all know how crowded some New York City streets can get, but the police can help keep traffic moving as safely as possible.

Fill out a report: A police report can be a critically important document. It can be used when you need to relay details of your accident to insurance companies. It can also be helpful if you decide to pursue a personal injury case.

Prevent people from changing their stories: Sometimes the other driver involved in an accident will cooperate at first, only to change their story later in an attempt to avoid blame. Having the police at the scene can help prevent another involved driver from making things difficult later.

Do I Have to Call the Police After an Accident?

We should also note that New York does not require you to call the cops for a minor accident. If an accident causes less than $1,000 in damage and does not lead to injuries, the presence of police is not actually required. We still recommend that you call the cops though because:

  • It can be difficult to accurately assess damage at the scene
  • Injuries may only be obvious later on
  • It saves you from filling out some paperwork for the DMV

Can I Pursue Damages After an Accident?

The initial settlement offer from an insurance company is rarely enough to cover the expenses stemming from your car accident. You may need to sue for compensation, and an attorney from our firm is ready to help you do that.

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