When you go to the gym you expect that you’ll be a bit sore from a good workout the next day. You do not expect to get seriously injured. Unfortunately, people do get injured at the gym all the time. If someone was negligent and that created a dangerous situation at the gym, then the establishment needs to be held responsible when a customer or another person who was invited onto the property gets hurt. Our Queens personal injury attorneys are ready to help you if you were hurt.

What if I Signed a Waiver When I Joined the Gym?

Some fitness centers want you to sign a waiver when you join up. This does not free them from all liability or legal responsibility though. If you were injured due to negligence or dangerous conditions, it is highly unlikely that the court will look at the waiver you signed and determine that you cannot sue. Some examples of injuries that probably would not be covered by any kind of waiver include injuries from a slip and fall accident or injuries caused by defective equipment.

So do not think that your case is a lost cause because of some waiver. You should talk to our legal team and learn more about the potential value of your case and what our attorneys can do for you.

How Long Do I Have to Sue a Gym Over Injuries?

You have three years to sue over a personal injury. This seems like a long time, but you would be surprised how many people forget to get the legal process started as they recover and return to their normal lives. This is another reason we recommend hiring an attorney. A lawyer from our firm can quickly handle the necessary paperwork and get your lawsuit started so that you do not miss your chance to win compensation.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

You are not required to hire an attorney, but an experienced legal professional can do a lot to help you with your case. A lawyer from our firm can:

  • Answer any questions that you have
  • Determine liable parties
  • Calculate fair compensation
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • Gather any evidence that can help you make your case
  • Prepare you for testimony
  • Defend you from any accusations of wrongdoing

Proving negligence can be difficult. Our lawyers can help you build a compelling case that shows that you were only hurt due to the negligence of the defendants.

Contact Our Law Firm

If you are suing for damages after a gym injury, you do not have to go it alone. Contact the Law Offices of George Poulos and schedule a consultation. We can take a closer look at your case and help you weigh your options.