Halloween can be a fun time, but everyone has to work together to make trick-or-treating safer for everyone. Whether you are a parent or someone in the neighborhood who has to share the roads and sidewalks with trick-or-treaters, there are steps that you can take to make accidents less likely. Here’s what an experienced Queens pedestrian accident attorney from our firm had to say about it.

What Rules Should I Set During Trick-or-Treating?

You can make trick-or-treating safer by setting a few ground rules. Do not just set rules for the kids though. It is also wise to set some for yourself. Then be sure to actually follow them! We recommend:

  • Telling the kids to look both ways before they cross any street
  • Making eye contact with drivers who are stopped before crossing
  • Putting cell phones away and paying more attention to surroundings
  • Looking out for cars backing out of driveways
  • Keeping an eye out for tripping hazards on properties, like lawn equipment, sports gear, or large branches

Are Some Halloween Costumes Safer Than Others?

If you want your kids to stay safer while trick-or-treating, avoiding big rubber masks may be a good idea. These often are not designed for smaller kids and they can really affect their field of vision. Facepaint, makeup, or a less intricate mask could all be better choices depending on the costume chosen.

We also recommend that each costume has something attached that can catch the eyes of any drivers. Glowsticks are good, as are pieces of reflective tape. Having a brightly colored treat bag can be a wise idea too.

What Should I Do If I Have to Drive On Halloween?

People who have to drive on Halloween should take extra precautions. Drive through your neighborhood slowly and be aware that kids can just run out into the street without thinking, especially on an exciting day like Halloween. Watch out for anyone trick-or-treating, obey traffic signals like stop signs, and turn your headlights on even if you are not entirely sure you need them. This should help you share the road with trick-or-treaters safely.

What If Someone Still Gets Hurt While Trick-or-Treating?

If someone does get hurt despite your best efforts, get them the medical attention that they need. Get pictures of the accident scene and exchange information with witnesses who saw what happened. If a vehicle was involved, make sure you have info from that driver and important details about their car, like the make, model, and license plate.

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