A dog attack is like any other accident that causes injuries. If you believe that you only suffered harm because of the negligence or actions of someone else, in this case the dog owner or caretaker, then you should be able to sue for compensation. Our Queens personal injury attorneys are ready to help you.

What Should I Do After a Dog Attack?

You should take some steps to start building a case immediately after a dog attack occurs. If the dog owner is there, get their information. If there are witnesses, exchange info with them too. Take pictures of anything that should have been an obvious hazard to the dog owner, like a hole in their fence or the lack of a leash on their dog. Get the medical care that you need, and then think about contacting a personal injury attorney.

When Should a Dog Owner Be Liable for a Dog Attack?

A dog owner should be held liable for a dog attack when they should have known that their dog could be dangerous. This is New York’s “one bite” rule. If a dog owner does not take precautions to keep other people safe from their pet, they should be sued for compensation when someone else gets hurt.

How Long Do I Have to Sue for Damages?

The statute of limitations for personal injury cases is three years in New York. If you try to file a suit after that point, it will likely be thrown out no matter how much evidence you have. Three years can seem like a long time, but we suggest acting quickly if you do decide to sue. The earlier you act, the earlier you can receive the compensation that you deserve.

What Kind of Compensation Should I Receive After a Dog Attack?

Your compensation should help you cover the expenses associated with the dog attack, but it also needs to address the pain and suffering you went through. A fair offer should be calculated with the following in mind:

Medical expenses: Past and future medical expenses should be covered by your compensation. Also remember that any injury from your dog attack should be covered, not just bites. If you were knocked down and fractured a bone, that was caused by the attack and should be addressed.

Lost wages: If you cannot work for a little while due to your injuries, those missed paychecks can cause a lot of financial stress for your family. Your compensation should help alleviate that.

Mental anguish: A dog attack can also be psychologically scarring. Your compensation should help make up for the psychic toll this event has taken on you.

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