A crowded highway can be dangerous. Even when traffic congestion has everybody moving at a crawl, an accident at a lower speed can cause an accident and injuries that need to be taken seriously. If you have been injured in an accident, a car accident lawyer in Queens is ready to help you fight for the compensation that you deserve.

Why Can Traffic Congestion Cause Accidents?

When traffic congestion occurs, everyone is stuck in one spot in close proximity. People can get impatient. People can stop paying attention. This means that mistakes can be made. Some common types of accidents we see in traffic jams include:

Head-on collisions: An impatient driver thinks that they can switch out of their lane and go into the clear oncoming traffic lane to get around everyone else. Only, the lane is not as clear as it looked. A head-on collision can cause grievous injuries and plenty of property damage.

Shoulder accidents: Again, someone thinks they can get around all of this traffic congestion, but they choose the shoulder instead of another lane of traffic. Doing this is risky though, and someone could hit other drivers who get the same idea or motorcyclists who are doing their best to weave through traffic conditions.

Distracted driving accidents: It can be easy to tune out during stop-and-go traffic. Drivers check their phones or mess with their infotainment systems. Maybe they decide it’s a good time for a snack. Whatever it is, something takes their attention away from the road and they can easily cause an accident at that point.

What Should I Do After an Accident Caused By Traffic Congestion?

After an accident, you should take steps to protect yourself and gather evidence for a potential personal injury lawsuit. We recommend:

  • Pulling over somewhere safe
  • Taking pictures of the damage to the vehicles and the accident scene itself
  • Exchanging info with any other drivers involved
  • Calling the police and getting a copy of the police report
  • Getting medical care as soon as possible

Keep any documents relating to the accident, like medical bills and repair estimates for your vehicle, and then seriously consider contacting a lawyer.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you get injured you can pursue a personal injury case on your own, but we really recommend having a lawyer on your side. An experienced personal injury attorney from our firm can help you navigate this process, file the appropriate paperwork, and calculate fair compensation based on your injuries and prognosis. Then we can help you fight for that compensation and hold all liable parties accountable.

Talk to Our Personal Injury Attorneys

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