When an employee is injured in a workplace accident, they may be permanently disabled and in some situations, may lose the ability to use one of their extremities. In the event that you are granted a monetary award for your permanent disability, the number of weeks of compensation you are paid for will be determined by the state’s Schedule Loss of Use chart.

The Schedule Loss of Use chart for a permanent partial disability, as detailed in Section 15 of the New York Workers’ Compensation Code is as follows:

Arm; 312 weeks of compensation

Leg; 288 weeks of compensation

Hand; 244 weeks 

Foot; 205 weeks 

Eye; 160 weeks

Thumb; 75 weeks 

First finger; 46 weeks 

Great toe; 38 weeks

Second finger; 30 weeks 

Third finger; 25 weeks 

Toe other than great toe; 16 weeks 

Fourth finger; 15 weeks

Complete loss of hearing in one ear; 60 weeks

Complete loss of hearing in both ears; 150 weeks

There are other injuries that may entitle you to compensation but it is all dependent on the results of your medical examinations. In order to obtain a schedule loss of use award, you will need to consult wth a doctor who will determine if your injury is permanent. The doctor will then inform the board that you are permanently disabled and give an opinion on the percentage of use you have lost.

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