When an individual claims that they have been injured on the job because of hazardous conditions, they may want to consider filing a workers compensation claim. Workers compensation can allow the injured party to collect monetary benefits while they are recovering from their injury and are unable to work. New York State understands that the injured party is missing compensation while they are out of work and that the cost of treatment can be very expensive. Luckily, workers compensation may be able to cover some of the costs of that treatment.

That being said, when an individual does file a claim for workers compensation, it is important that they make themselves aware of how easy it is to lose those benefits. For example, if someone says that they injured their legs on the job and can’t work, they shouldn’t be posting on Facebook, Instagram, or whatever the platform may be that they went on a great ski trip this weekend. If that picture gets into the wrong hands, the workers compensation board may be able to revoke that individual’s benefits. In some of the most extreme cases, the individual may even lose his or her pension for taking advantage of the system.

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