Truck accidents in New York City and throughout the state happen all too frequently. In addition, accidents that involve large trucks often result in the serious injury or death of victims that are usually passengers in smaller vehicles or pedestrians. The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles compiled a list of some of the most frequent causes of trucking accidents throughout the state. Some of the causes on the list include:

  • Distracted driving – 19.4 percent
  • Driving behind another vehicle too closely, meaning there is not enough time to stop shortly – 13.2 percent
  • The driver’s failure to yield for right of way – 11.2 percent
  • The truck improperly passing other vehicles – 10 percent
  • Unsafe lane changes – 9 percent

In addition, trucks often suffer from the impacts of defective equipment. This alone can result in an accident that causes injury to the driver and others on the road. Some of the most common issues seen with defective equipment include brake failure, separated treads, defective tow hitches, faulty headlights, or other major components that stopped working in the vehicle.

Injuries suffered in a truck accident are often very serious. If you have been the victim of a truck accident that caused you or a loved one to become injured, contact our firm today.

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