When you get hurt on the job, you have some options. The workers’ compensation system exists for a reason, and you have the right to file a claim. If you want to learn more about the process or how to craft a convincing complaint, a Queens workers comp attorney from our firm is ready to help you.

What Should I Do After I Get Hurt on the Job?

It’s important to act quickly after you have been hurt on the job. You need to report your injury to your employer right away. Then they can report your injury to their workers’ compensation insurance.

When you get hurt on the job, you do not sue your employer directly. Instead, you are entitled to workers’ compensation. This is paid out of an insurer’s policy designed to help you get back on your feet.

What Am I Entitled To After Getting Hurt on the Job?

After you get hurt on the job, you are entitled to file for workers’ compensation. You are also entitled to a lawyer, if you need help filing, and you can file to appeal an appeal if your claim ends up getting denied.

You also cannot be coerced into not making a claim or threatened with retaliation if you do make a claim. Your boss cannot tell you to just use your own health insurance instead of asking for workers’ comp. They also can’t treat you differently later just because you filed a claim.

How Can Workers’ Compensation Help Me?

Workers’ compensation can help you pay some of the costs associated with your injuries. You can receive payments meant to reimburse you for both medical payments and lost wages. This compensation does not help with non-economic damages though. You cannot ask for damages related to pain and suffering when filing a workers’ comp claim.

You can only seek out non-economic damages if a third party is involved. If you get hurt while driving for work and you sue another driver who caused the accident, that’s a third party. If you only got hurt at work because of faulty safety gear, you can file a third-party injury claim against the manufacturer of that equipment.

Can a Lawyer Help Me With a Denied Claim?

Sometimes claims get denied. It could be argued that the injury you received was not actually received at work or that you missed a deadline. A lawyer can help you appeal the insurer’s decision. If you deserve compensation for your injuries, this law firm is ready to fight for you.

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