When you drop your child off at daycare, the last thing you may expect is that they will be in harm’s way. Unfortunately, daycare accidents occur far too often in New York State. If you and your child find yourselves in this predicament, you must pursue legal action. Continue reading to learn what constitutes daycare negligence and how one of the experienced Queens premises liability attorneys of The Law Offices of George Poulos can assist you in filing a claim.

What is considered daycare negligence in New York State?

Below are the most common examples of what is considered daycare negligence in New York State:

  • The daycare staff leaves sharp or hazardous materials within your child’s reach.
  • The daycare staff ignores your child’s food allergies.
  • The daycare staff leaves your child unattended.
  • The daycare staff fails to screen potential employees who may be unsafe around children.
  • Your child is injured on rusty or defective playground equipment.
  • Your child is fed spoiled food or unclean water.

Can I file a premises liability claim after experiencing daycare negligence?

If your child was injured while under the supervision of daycare staff, then you likely have a strong premises liability claim on your hands. With this, you must prove the following points:

  1. Your child was enrolled in the daycare, and thus the daycare employer and staff owed your child a duty of care.
  2. The daycare employer and/or staff breached their duty of care by practicing negligence.
  3. Your child was injured as a direct result of the daycare employer’s and/or staff’s negligence.
  4. Your child suffered significant damages due to their accident.

And to prove this, you must document your child’s injuries. You can do this by immediately taking your child to medical attention, where you can retrieve a doctor’s note that states the date, time, and severity of their injuries. You can also take photos and videos of the injuries, and if possible, the negligent conditions of the daycare that contributed to the accident. Lastly, you can hire an attorney who may be able to obtain further evidence, including security camera footage.

Nonetheless, if your child has been the victim of daycare negligence, we recommend that you contact one of the skilled Queens personal injury attorneys today. Our team will aggressively fight to recover the compensation that your child requires to heal. Give our firm a call today.

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