When many people think of workers’ compensation, they usually just think about injuries that take place on the job. However, the range of issues that are applicable for workers’ compensation may be much wider than a person realizes. One such issue is an occupational disease, which is when an individual becomes disabled by a disease that was obtained because of their job.

In order for an individual to be eligible for workers’ compensation due to an occupational disease, they must file their workers’ compensation claim within two years. However, the individual may have more time to file their claim because the law allows them to file two years from the time in which they confirmed that the disease occurred as a result of their occupation.

Some of the most common occupational diseases or illnesses include diseases related to asbestos, carpal tunnel, occupational hearing loss, cancer, and more. It is important to note that if the individual wants to file a claim because of occupational hearing loss, they only have three months to file instead of two years. The three month period begins on the date that the individual is removed from the harmful noise level in the workplace or three months after they left the occupation that caused the loss of hearing.

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