While it is one of the most festive holidays, it can also be the most dangerous. If you are a homeowner, you will need to ensure that your property is free from all hazards this Halloween to ensure that no one gets injured. Continue reading and reach out to our dedicated New York personal injury attorneys to learn more.

What can a homeowner do to ensure their property is safe on Halloween?

Halloween is a holiday that involves people of all ages. It is important that you keep your home safe from any dangers and take all necessary precautions this Halloween to make sure that no one gets hurt while trick-or-treating.

You should clear all safety hazards from your driveway and walkway leading up to your front porch. It is also critical that your property is well-lit to avoid eager trick-or-treaters from tripping and falling on any uneven parts of your property. Additionally, if you have real candles in your jack-o-lanterns, it is critical to make sure that they are used in a nonflammable way and are kept out of reach for small children and a safe distance from any and all walking areas.

Do I have a valid premises liability claim?

You may have a valid premises liability claim if you or your child were injured on another’s property on Halloween. If you would like to pursue legal action, there are many steps you must take. One of the most essential is to obtain as many forms of evidence as possible. This includes photos and videos of the safety hazard, medical documents describing the scope and origin of the injuries, police reports of the incident, and anything else that will be vital to your claim. It is also important to hire the services of an experienced attorney who can support your claim that you or your child were directly injured because of a homeowner’s negligence.

What is the statute of limitations in New York?

The state of New York has a statute of limitations of three years for most personal injury claims. That means that if you do not file your claim within three years of your Halloween accident, you will lose the opportunity to win the compensation you deserve.

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