Workplace accidents happen often and they can have serious repercussions. If you have been injured at work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is insurance that provides employees with cash benefits and/or medical care in the event that they become injured or ill directly because of their job. This insurance is paid by employers and does not require the employee to contribute to the cost of compensation. It is owed in weekly cash benefits and medical care from the employer’s insurance carrier, as directed by the Workers’ Compensation Board. If you have been injured on the job, you will need to retain the help of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Read on to learn more. 

Am I Eligible for Workers’ Compensation? 

Under New York State’s workers’ compensation laws, virtually all employers in the state must provide workers’ compensation coverage for their employees. The following employees must be covered by workers’ compensation:

  • Workers in all employments conducted for-profit. Part-time employees, borrowed employees, leased employees, family members and volunteers working for a for-profit business. 
  • Employees of counties and municipalities engaged in work defined by the law as “hazardous:
  • Public school teachers, excluding those employed by New York City, and public school aides, including New York City
  • Employees of the State of New York, including some volunteer workers
  • Domestic workers employed forty or more hours per week by the same employer, including full-time sitters or companions, and live-in maids
  • Farm workers
  • Any other worker determined by the Board to be an employee and not specifically excluded from coverage under the WCL
  • All corporate officers if the corporation has more than two officers and/or two stockholders
  • Officers of one-or-two person corporations if there are other individuals in employment. These officers can choose to exclude themselves from coverage. 
  • Most workers compensated by a nonprofit organization
  • Volunteer firefighters and volunteer ambulance workers are provided benefits for death or injuries suffered in the line of duty under the Volunteer Firefighters’ Benefit Law and Volunteer Ambulance Workers’ Benefit Law

An injury can be extremely expensive when it comes to hospital stays, surgeries, in-home care, medications, and more. Additionally, if you are severely injured, you will likely miss work, leading to lost wages and missed opportunities. Our firm is here to help. We will fight to recover the workers’ compensation that you deserve.

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