Who is covered under NY workers’ compensation?

When an individual in New York is injured in their workplace, they may wonder whether they are able to receive benefits through workers’ compensation. This can assist an injured individual while they recover from their injuries. While most occupations are covered by New York’s workers’ compensation laws, some individuals are not. A lot of employers are required to provide this type of coverage for their employees and are also required to post a notice in a visible location for all employees to see.

Some of the employees that are covered by workers’ compensation laws in New York include the following:

  • Employees that work for for-profit companies, including workers that are volunteers, family members, part-time, borrowed, and leased
  • Employees that work for municipalities and counties under hazardous conditions
  • New York State employees
  • Employees that work for over 40 hours a week as babysitters, companions, and live-in maids, and other full-time domestic employees
  • Farm workers for employers that were paid greater than $1200 in labor for the previous year
  • Public school teachers

Some workers who are not covered under workers’ compensation include religious leaders, non-profit volunteers that are not paid, independent real estate or media salespersons, among others.

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