The most common causes of car accidents are driver negligence. If you are injured in a car accident due to another driver’s negligence, you may be entitled to recover compensation. But, this will likely mean speaking with the other party’s insurance company. This may not seem like a big deal, but insurance companies are notoriously tricky, as they are not looking out for your best interests. As a result, it is important to be prepared and know what to expect when speaking with insurance adjusters after a car accident.

What Should I Expect When Speaking With Insurance Adjusters?

Lowball offers: The first settlement offer will likely be very low. Insurance companies know that car accident victims are vulnerable and struggling with a myriad of newfound expenses. Their hope is that you will accept the low offer in order to pay off your bills right away. Generally, you should never accept a first offer.

Ignoring you: If you decline their first offer, there is a chance the insurance company will ignore you. This is intentional. They are ignoring you in the hopes that the statute of limitations will pass and you will no longer be able to sue. It is important to note that the statute of limitations for a personal injury accident in New York is generally three years.

Downplaying or denying your injuries: Insurance adjusters have been known to downplay or even outright deny your injuries. They are doing this in an attempt to avoid including medical expenses in your settlement offer. In order to combat this, it is imperative that you keep detailed and organized records of all of your doctor visits, surgeries, treatments, etc.

Tricky questions: Your words can be used against you. Insurance adjusters may ask you purposely tricky questions in an attempt to twist your words and use them against you. For this reason, you should not answer any questions without an experienced personal injury attorney.

Fine print: In many documents, there is fine print that is often overlooked. You should not sign anything without an attorney’s reviewal.

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